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Judges- 1. :icontimothy-brown:  2. :iconplugin848y:  3. :icondreno360:


Hawkeye vs Sabretooth by SpiderGuile  Fangs... Claws... and Arrows - The only thing missing is your awesome Colors!!!

By none other than :iconspiderguile:

FLATS - hawkeye vs sabretooth by spiderguileFlat by PauloCE  Thanks to :iconpauloce:

Best Battle - Battle 2

Best Battle Piece - :icontas1138: Cold-Blooded by tas1138 (wooowwwza!!)

1. hawkeyeXsabretoothBySpiderguile-ColorByPauloCE by PauloCE :iconpauloce: Photobucket   :icontejocote-valiente: Hawkeye Vs Sabretooth by Tejocote-Valiente Winner- :iconpauloce:

2. Hawkeye vs Sabretooth Colored by Vonny88 :iconvonny88: Photobucket   :iconknytcrawlr: hawkeye vs sabretooth by spiderguile-d8k5vvp XGX v by knytcrawlr Winner-:iconknytcrawlr:

3. Hawkeye Vs Sabretooth by roncolors:iconroncolors:Photobucket:icontas1138: Cold-Blooded by tas1138 Photobucket :iconryukaizen: Hawkeye Vs Sabretooth By Spiderguileflat By Pauloc by Ryukaizen Winner- :icontas1138:

Looking for Judges!!!

Judges- 1.:icontadpole7:   2. :iconorsonfoe:  3. :iconmizzim1984:

Best Battle- Battle 3-

Best Battle Piece- :iconshoze: BA - apocalypse by shoze

Theme Apocalypse -

1. Apocalypse-BA by BrofessorX :iconbrofessorx: Photobucket:iconrockthearts1212: apocalypse by rockthearts1212 Winner-:iconrockthearts1212:

2. BA - apocalypse by shoze :iconshoze: Photobucket:iconeckwood: Apocalypse by EckwOOd Winner-:iconshoze:

3.Apocalypse by NekoFreak :iconnekofreak:Photobucket :iconfsstudio13: APOCALYPSE by FSstudio13 Winner- :iconfsstudio13:


The project is fully funded with 10 hours to go!!!

The main project is 22 pages of story- since we went over the original goal I will add 10 pages as an epilogue chapter plus pin up pages totaling 44 pages of content!

Please go check it out.…

It's an all ages book that will feature alien mutated dinosaurs and other creatures.

The epilogue chapter sets up issue 2- featuring NINJAS!!!

Pinkwing and the Prime-Controller by ParisAlleyne

My Collab with Ivanna! by dreno360

Pinkwing and the Prime Controller commision by shoze

Alien Hybrid # 2 by dreno360

Large Dino by dreno360

details by dreno360

Pinkwing and Prime Controller by TovioRogers

That is all.  

Back to the battles :)

PS I will tie up these loose battles this weekend and roll out color battles and single battles as well :)

Folks with much sadness I must make an announcement.  I must take some time away from the group.  MY project was funded on Kickstarter (still a few days left so go ahead and support now :) I already haven't been giving this group the time it deserves and over the next few months its only going to get worse.

We could shut down things for 3-4 months or we can get a few new admins to help run this joint.

I have been apart of this group for 5 great years.

In those years I have seen many artist flourish under the BA school of hard knocks.  Being pushed in battle brings out the best (Beast!!!) in us all.  I myself have gotten a ton better as an artist and I know I owe it all to this great group.  

Send me a note if you are interested in becoming an admin to this group to keep the show running.

Thanks again folks!

Stay Awesome!!!

Apologies warriors... been busy as of late- but this group was not forgotten!!

Can't believe we never had a go of this guy....

Deadline - Tuesday October 6th 11:15pm Eastern Standard time

Judges- 1.:icontadpole7:   2. Open   3. Open

*Art must be yours
*Art must be new, created for this battle

-Guidelines Judges should be looking for in each piece-

Theme Apocalypse -

Refs- 'A' is for APOCALYPSE by CoranKizerStone  Apocalypse!! by EricGuzman  APOCALYPSE : RISING by Sallow

Chime in Below if you wish to do battle, and also looking for 3 judges!!

1. Apocalypse-BA by BrofessorX :iconbrofessorx: Photobucket:iconpauloce:

2. :icondarkchapel666: Photobucket:iconrockthearts1212: apocalypse by rockthearts1212

3. :iconraymondttan: Photobucket:icond34dasdust:

4. BA - apocalypse by shoze :iconshoze: Photobucket:iconorsonfoe:

5. :iconnekofreak:Photobucket :iconfsstudio13: APOCALYPSE by FSstudio13

6. Apocalypse by EckwOOd:iconeckwood:Photobucket
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Orsonfoe Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2015
Pic for ba 13 is going to be late do to technical problem.
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Are you guys ready for some more action?
Raymondttan Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015  Professional General Artist
word up :)
Orsonfoe Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015
yes. need to get back into the game. also did my note to the group go through?
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New Battles starting soon. Sorry for the delay folks. Been Busy with work and a personal project.
Raymondttan Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015  Professional General Artist
SurfTiki Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Im a inker, does this group have inking stuff like you do for the colors?
dreno360 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015  Professional General Artist
That is a great idea.  Maybe future battles.
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