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Chime in if you wish to do battle!

Judges 1. :icontadpole7:  2. Open slot  3. Open slot

Deadline April 31st 2015

Sketch 471 - Megacon by MatteoScalera  by :iconmatteoscalera:

1. Black widow by FabianCobos:iconfabiancobos: Photobucket :icontimothy-brown:

2. :icontiagomontoia: Photobucket :iconzethkeeper:

3. :iconplugin848y: Photobucket :icontas1138:

4. :iconcharlychive:Photobucket:iconintheswamp:

5. Photobucket

Comment below if you want to battle!

Due Date May 1st-…

References- SpiderGwen by DanHowardArt Spider Gwen by SourAcid Spider-Gwen by kajnok Spider-Verse  Gwen Stacy Spider girl by THEZERO4 SpiderGwen by FooRay Spidergwen by VinRoc

1. :iconshoze: Photobucket :iconbelgerles:

2. :icondarkchapel666: Photobucket:iconsenorfro:

3. :iconpafmaster: Photobucket:iconnekofreak:

4. Gwen Col by FabianCobos:iconfabiancobos: Photobucket :iconcharlychive:

5.  :iconstinawo:Photobucket :iconroganj0sh:

6. SpiderGwen by Pumaboy3d:iconpumaboy3d:Photobucket:iconbrofessorx:

7. :icondafrek:Photobucket:iconmissourimutants:

8.:iconbmnance: Photobucket:iconsaltybricks:

9. :iconmadcapllc: Photobucket:iconultimatetattts:

10. Fear The Spider by mortalshinobi:iconmortalshinobi: Photobucket:icontuskat:

11. :iconkittylouise: Photobucket

In the search for Judges!!!

1.:iconhappydeadstar:    2. :iconnuvalo:    3. Open Slot

The Maxx Tribute theme -

1. BA s5 - the maxx by shoze :iconshoze: Photobucket:icondreno360: Br'er Lapin by dreno360

2. BATTLE ARTIST s05 B06 by Orsonfoe :iconorsonfoe: Photobucket :iconbrofessorx: TheMaxx by BrofessorX

3. Battle Artist - Maxx by mothbot :iconmothbot: Photobucket :iconnekofreak: I hate waking up to someone else's nightmare by NekoFreak

4. The Maxx by SaltyBricks :iconsaltybricks: Photobucket:iconcharlychive: THE MAXX by CharlyChive

5. Maxx by Tadpole7 :icontadpole7:  Photobucket :iconbelgerles: The Maxx by belgerles

6. The Maxx by bmnance:iconbmnance: Photobucket:icontuskat: The Maxx by Tuskat
BA04-(2015/Season 5) Color Battle-STARTO!

But moving on Here we go with something new!!!

Lines by the uncompromising :iconryanottley:

Burn The Orphange cover by RyanOttley

Flats Burn the flats by RobertoAGM by :iconrobertoagm: (huge thanks!)

BBP-  :iconrobertoagm:

BB-# 2

Judges-: 1. :icondrakon-art:  2. :icontadpole7:  3. :icondreno360:

1. Burn The Orphange Cover By Ryanottley- by tas1138:icontas1138: Photobucket:iconcharlychive:  Punch the Orphanage by CharlyChive Winner- :iconcharlychive:

2.  Burn the orphanage by RobertoAGM :iconrobertoagm: Photobucket :icongmcconnell: Burn The Orphange Cover Final by GMcConnell Winner- :iconrobertoagm:

3. Burn The Orphange Cover by Ryan Ottley by RhysYorke :iconrhysyorke: Photobucket :iconknytcrawlr: burn the orphange cover by ryanottley-d6tv96m XGX by knytcrawlr Winner-  :iconrhysyorke:

4. Burn The Orphange Cover - Battle Artist by NicholasGentile :iconnicholasgentile: Photobucket:icontimothy-brown: Burn The Orphanage Apr. 05 2015 by Timothy-Brown Winner- :icontimothy-brown:

5. Burn The Flats By Robertoagm-d8oh2l7 by Colourful-Crampton:iconcolourful-crampton:  Photobucket:iconhrnart: Burn The Orphanage by HrnArt Winner- :iconhrnart:

Judges-  1.:iconimplicit-bookcarrier:  2. :icondreno360:.  3. :iconnuvalo:

Theme- Hayao Miyazaki

Subject- Tribute to Spirited Away

Best Battle - Battle 1

Best Battle Piece- :iconmisterchive: SPIRITED AWAY 2 Fan Art by MisterChive

1. BA - spirited away by shoze:iconshoze:Photobucket :iconmisterchive:SPIRITED AWAY 2 Fan Art by MisterChive TIE!

2. chihiro fan art by FabianCobos:iconfabiancobos: Photobucket :icondrakon-art:  Spirited Away Tribute by Drakon-Art Winner- :iconfabiancobos:

3. Ba S5 B05 by Orsonfoe:iconorsonfoe: Photobucket :iconsaltybricks:Radish Spirit taking a bath by SaltyBricks Winner-:iconorsonfoe:

4. Who are you waiting for? by NekoFreak:iconnekofreak: Photobucket :iconslippyninja:Spirited Away by slippyninja Winner- :iconslippyninja:
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Cthulhugenisis Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I have no clue how this works aha, so I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy till I get the flow of the place :D
Btw all your artworks are awesome guys keep it up :D 

Also.. is this group JUST digital art? Or can you use traditional..?
CharlyChive Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
It can be both, we like traditional too :)
FabianCobos Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional General Artist
next time we should color something from this guy!…
dreno360 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
great link
Orsonfoe Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015
going to be a day late with the single battle 5 pic.
CasieHarris Featured By Owner Edited Apr 11, 2015  Professional General Artist
Wow I have been away for a long time!! I'm glad to see the group still going strong, hopefully I can start back at it with all of you when I get free time to do so.
dreno360 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
sounds great! we could use some water colors added to these battles if that is still your choice of medium
CrimsonColt7 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015  Student Artisan Crafter
can anyone make my Request of my OC Fighting a Dark powered King ? Please note that this is a Request not a Commission. 
dreno360 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
not the right place for request- you would have to send this to individual people
FabianCobos Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015  Professional General Artist
Hey, I sent you my entry for the Spirited away tribute like 20 hours ago, :S, and atill not approved, D:
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